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Achievements are provided to the iOS versions of The Blockheads through Apple's native Game Center by a user completing a certain task within the game while signed in. There are currently a total of 76 achievements totaling 640 points for The Blockheads.

Icon Name Description Points
40px Storyteller Start a Campfire. 10
40px Greenfingers Sow a Seed. 10
40px Pyro Burn something. 10
40px A Better Sleep Sleep in a Bed. 10
40px Diggy Diggy Hole Mine Stone with a Pickaxe. 10
40px Find An Amethyst Find an Amethyst. 10
40px Find A Sapphire Find a Sapphire. 10
40px Find An Emerald Find an Emerald. 10
40px Find A Ruby Find a Ruby. 10
40px Find A Diamond Find a Diamond. 10
40px Brighter Light Place a Lantern. 10
40px Travel In Style Ride a Donkey. 10
40px Wind In Your Sails Ride in a Boat. 10
40px Paparazzi Take a photo. 10
40px Clothing Craft and wear an item of Clothing. 10
40px Hat Craft and wear a Hat. 10
40px North Pole Reach the North Pole. 10
40px South Pole Reach the South Pole. 10
40px Sunset Reach the West Equator. 10
40px Sunrise Reach the East Equator. 10
40px Bronze Age Craft Bronze. 10
40px Iron Age Craft Iron. 10
40px Hard As Nails Craft Steel. 10
40px Amethyst Portal Upgrade Portal to Amethyst. 10
40px Sapphire Portal Upgrade Portal to Sapphire. 10
40px Emerald Portal Upgrade Portal to Emerald. 10
40px Ruby Portal Upgrade Portal to Ruby. 10
40px Diamond Portal Upgrade Portal to Diamond. 10
40px Amethyst Pickaxe Craft an Amethyst Pickaxe. 10
40px Sapphire Pickaxe Craft a Sapphire Pickaxe. 10
40px Emerald Pickaxe Craft an Emerald Pickaxe. 10
40px Ruby Pickaxe Craft a Ruby Pickaxe. 10
40px Diamond Pickaxe Craft a Diamond Pickaxe. 10
40px Decorator Paint something. 10
40px Color Splash Dye an item of Clothing. 10
40px Palace Builder Build with Gold. 10
40px Bling Craft a Gold Pickaxe. 10
40px Espressoholic Drink a cup of Coffee. 10
40px Ring of Fire Eat a Chilli. 10
40px Two's Company Warp in a Second Blockhead. 10
40px Three's a Crowd Warp in a Third Blockhead 10
40px Four's a Party Warp in a Fourth Blockhead 5
40px High Five Warp in a fifth blockhead 5
40px Hot Stuff Reach the Center of the World. 10
40px Space Climber Get to Space. 10
40px Circumnavigator Get right around the entire Planet. 10
40px Mountaineer Climb the highest mountain. 10
40px Fire And Water Find or create Basalt and mine it. 10
40px Rich Earth Plant something in compost. 10
40px Amethyst Chandelier Craft an Amethyst Chandelier. 10
40px Sapphire Chandelier Craft a Sapphire Chandelier. 10
40px Emerald Chandelier Craft an Emerald Chandelier. 10
40px Ruby Chandelier Craft a Ruby Chandelier. 10
40px Diamond Chandelier Craft a Diamond Chandelier. 10
40px Conspiracy Theory Craft and wear a Tin Foil Hat. 5
40px Angler Catch a Fish with a Fishing Rod. 5
40px Jaws Hang a Shark Jaw on the wall. 5
40px Ankle Biter Catch a baby Shark in a Bucket. 5
40px Treasure Hunter Find a Treasure Chest. 5
40px Tycoon Buy or sell an item to another player at a Shop. 5
40px Sleep In Style Sleep in a Golden Bed. 5
40px Life From Stone Find a Lime. 5
40px Top Shelf Display something on a Shelf. 5
40px Home Sweet Home Craft and place a Sign. 5
40px Walls Of Steel Place a Steel Block. 5
40px Attraction Use a Magnet to extract Iron Ore. 5
40px Airtime Get at least 30 blocks of air in a Rail Handcar. 5
40px Portal Chest Store something in a Portal Chest. 5
40px Archer Fire an arrow from a bow. 5
40px Tin Man Craft and wear an item of armor. 5
40px Blue Fury Defeat a Cave Troll. 5
40px Chef Cook a Dodo Stew or a Fish Curry. 5
40px Toot Toot Blow the horn in a Steam Locomotive. 5
40px Scenic Ride Share a Passenger Car with another player. 5
40px Pig Iron Craft iron from Pig Iron at an Electric Furnace. 5
40px Clean Energy Craft and place a Solar Panel. 5