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Mature Carrot Plant

Carrot Plants are vegetation plants that produces carrots.


Carrot plants at a young age have the appearance of a small green rosette of leaves protruding ground the ground surface. A mature carrot plant has a taller rosette of leaves and flowering stem with an umbrel of white flowers at the top.

Where Found[править]

Carrot plants are found growing near temperate and equatorial areas.


Carrot plants are primarily used in the production and farming of carrots which have a variety of uses to a Blockhead. Carrot plants can be planted in a block of dirt or compost to produce additional carrot plants and yielding more carrots. Harvesting of the plants is achieved by hand or machete on a mature plant. If harvested by hand, a mature carrot plant will yield up to two carrots while using a machete will yield up to three. If a mature plant goes unharvested, the plant will eventually drop a carrot and turn into a young carrot plant to begin a new life cycle.


Donkeys have been known to spawn near carrot plants.