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Caving is one of the most important activities in the game. Gems and time crystals can only be found naturally in caves. (There are other ways to get them without an in-app purchase, such as using a Gold Pickaxe or Meditating.)


Caves are natural gaps in stone. Some will open to the surface, but others will have dirt or sand covering them.

A cave can be as narrow as a series of unconnected single block gaps to large chambers wider than the reach of a torch's light. Some caves are also filled with water, which may require special preparation to navigate.

How To[править]

Basic caving is nothing more than climbing, crawling, and walking through the available spaces. A pickaxe is useful for opening barriers between unconnected caves. But as caves can intersect and branch, they sometimes end up like a maze.

A good general approach to exploring caverns without getting lost is to follow the right-most path. This helps you stay clear on what you've explored and not. It only fails when there's a circular connection and in that case your placed lanterns or torches indicate you've looped back so it's no trouble.

Another way to keep track of which tunnels you've explored or stripped of resources place a block of limestone at the entrance(s). It looks different than un-mined limestone so you'll know you placed it as a signal. You could also wall it off with stone because it is abundant. Paint is a very distinctive marker, too.

Recommended Items[править]

To deal with underground water: