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Corn stalks are vegetation plants that produce corn.


Mature corn stalks have a tall growth height, typically taller than a Blockhead but always functionally two blocks tall. Green leaves are affixed to the stem with several yellow ears developing above the leaves. At the apex is a tassel consisting of an inflorescence of yellow flowers.

Young corn stalks are the same light green in color, but lack the bulk and yellow ears.

Where Found[править]

Corn stalks can be found in temperate biome regions or be grown by methods of farming.


Corn stalks are primarily used for the production and farming of corn. Corn can be planted in a block of dirt or compost to produce additional corn stalks and yielding more corn. Harvesting of corn is achieved by hand or using a machete (for maximum yield) on a mature corn stalk, which removes the entire plant.

A mature corn stalk left alone long enough will eventually drop corn and revert to a young form. A despawning corn stalk may also drop corn.