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A crafting surface is a special type of block in The Blockheads used to craft many of the items in the Blockhead's world. There are several types of crafting surfaces available, each of which having a specific function and items available to craft.

Most crafting surfaces are crafted at the workbench, which is also a crafting surface.

Many crafting surfaces have several upgraded levels, allowing the Blockhead to access better or more resourceful items. To access a higher level in a crafting surface, a Blockhead must collect the level item requirements and upgrade the crafting surface. Level upgrades are done in sequential order and a higher level may not be unlocked unless its previous level is unlocked.

Below is a list of the available crafting surfaces found in the game.

Three other items function similarly to crafting surfaces, but instead of items they generate or store electricity.


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All crafting surfaces must be in place to be used. Prior to version 1.4, they required positioning in the open space immediately above a solid block, a back wall was not required. Now they can be placed vertically or horizontally adjacent to a solid block, other crafting surface, or back wall. Copper wire in place will serve as a crafting surface for positioning as well (a requirement for connecting electrical components).