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Seeds and fruits can be planted by selecting the desired item in your inventory then tapping a block of surface dirt, sand, or compost. While compost can be used for any plant, dirt and sand have restrictions.

If fruit trees are planted too close to other trees, their growth will be stunted. Food can be quickly obtained in real-time by planting then having a Blockhead meditate. Stop meditating when the fruit or vegetable appears.

Harvest vegetables with a machete to increase yield. Planting anything in compost will tend to increase its size and yield.

Favorable Creature Breeding Conditions[править]

Resources Creature Conditions
Dodo Feather, Dodo Meat Dodo Apple Trees
Fur, Leather Dropbear Pine Trees
Leather, Carrots Donkey Carrots

Favorable Plant Growing Conditions[править]

Resource Item to Plant Medium Zone
Apple, Stick, Wood Apple Dirt Temperate
Carrot Carrot Dirt Temperate
Cherry, Stick, Wood Cherry Dirt Temperate
Chilli Chilli Dirt Equatorial
Coconut, Stick, Wood Coconut Dirt, Sand Equatorial
Coffee Cherry, Stick, Wood Coffee Cherry Dirt Equatorial
Corn Corn Dirt Temperate
Flax, Flax Seed Flax Seed Dirt, Sand Any
Lime, Stick, Wood Lime Dirt Any
Mango, Stick, Wood Mango Dirt Equatorial
Maple Seed, Stick, Wood Maple Seed Dirt Temperate
Orange, Stick, Wood Orange Dirt Temperate
Pine Cone, Stick, Wood Pine Cone Dirt Any
Prickly Pear Prickly Pear Sand Equatorial
Sunflower Seed Sunflower Seed Dirt Temperate

Note: For purposes of farming, "Temperate" zones means areas between polar and equatorial zones.