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Mature Flax Bush

A Flax Bush is a vegetation plant that produces flax and flax seeds. Both products can be used in the crafting process.


A young flax bush is a small green bush with several thick green blades. At maturity, the flax bush has green stem leaves at the base with several red/brown stems and capsules protruding from the top and typically will grow to two blocks high.

Where Found[править]

Flax bushes can be found growing in nearly all warm regions including deserts.


Flax bushes are primarily used in the production and farming of flax and flax seeds. Flax seeds can be planted in a block of dirt, sand, or compost to produce additional flax bushes and yielding more flax products. Harvesting for flax products is achieved by hand or using a machete on a mature flax bush. If harvested by hand, the top of the flax bush will yield up to two flax seeds while harvesting the base will yield up to one flax seed and two flax. Using a machete will approximately double the yield results than if hands were used. If a mature bush goes unharvested, the plant will eventually drop a flax seed and turn into a young flax bush to begin a new life cycle.

A despawning flax bush will drop both seeds and flax.


The appearance of the flax bush in the game closely resembles the New Zealand Flax (Phormium), which is actually not related to the more commonly known Flax (Linum usitatissimum).