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Update - Thursday, February 07, 2013[править]



  • Wooden platforms are now 'reinforced platforms' and require iron. This is to make them a more advanced building material for later in the game.
  • Dropped chests and pole bonus clothing items are no longer removed from the world.
  • The more valuable gems are a bit less likely to show up while meditating.
  • Clothing now degrades slowly over time.
  • There are now tips in the early stages of the game.
  • Options added to change sound volume, and restore double-time purchase.

Bug fixes[править]

  • Now uses a much safer method to save worlds, so losing a world to a crash is now very unlikely.
  • Can no longer breathe underwater by swimming through solid blocks.
  • Fixed issue with crystals when restoring from backups.
  • Fixed issue with artificial light traveling too far under water.
  • Fixed some crash issues.
  • Dropbears now die if burned.