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Update - Tuesday June 25, 2013[править]


  • Connect to persistent server-hosted worlds for many more players at once
  • In-game text chat with other players
  • Now continues when you exit in multiplayer too. The server will continue to run through any queued actions for your blockheads until you return.
  • Connect and play with up to 5 other players locally without needing Game Center
  • Host or join auto-matched Game Center games, and find new friends to play with
  • Smelt copper and gold coins to trade with other players.
  • New shop blocks allow you to trade items with other players, even while you're away.
  • Added safes, giving the ability to store items that no other players can access.
  • Added iron doors and trapdoors that only your blockheads can use.


  • Dig for treasure! New golden treasure chests containing valuable items.
  • Pinch to zoom out to a map view that shows all the way from lava to space, and allows you to easily see everything and zoom into specific areas.
  • Signs! Label your rooms and chests, or leave messages for other players.
  • Use time crystals to teleport from anywhere in the world to any portal instantly!
  • New advanced beds allow your blockheads to sleep much faster and stay awake longer.
  • Craft shelves to display items and easily see where everything is stored.
  • New metal blocks allow you to build strong walls that look awesome and are hard to destroy.
  • The expected change to your inventory is now tracked across actions. So for example if you queue up crafting 3 tin ingots, you can now immediately queue up crafting a tin bucket.
  • Find limes in limestone!
  • Seven new achievements.


  • Fixes an issue where your world could become corrupted if you accept a Game Center invite while a world is loading.
  • Fixes many issues causing lag and crashes in multiplayer.
  • The 'fog of war' darkness is now per-player in multiplayer.
  • Partially mined stone no longer resets to its un-mined state (though placed blocks still do).
  • Many other more minor fixes and changes.