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Orange trees are often one of your first food sources in The Blockheads.

Where Found[править]

Orange trees may spawn in most non-arctic biomes.


An orange tree has a dark brown, slightly mottled trunk and dark green leaves. Some trunk blocks will have leaves superimposed on them, but they are still trunk blocks.


As a source of oranges, an orange tree is a valued crop. Orange trees spawn spontaneously near another orange tree or from placing an orange in a block of dirt or compost. Newly spawned orange trees may not produce fruit until they've grown larger.

Oranges will spawn on leaf and leaf-covered trunk blocks seasonally. They are harvested by hand. If the block they are on despawns, they will fall to the ground. They will eventually despawn if left on the tree.

Leaf blocks can be harvested for sticks, producing one per block harvested or three if a machete is used. Despawned leaf blocks will rarely produce a stick.

Trunk blocks will yield wood, one per block harvested or three if an axe is used. Harvesting a trunk block will despawn all blocks of that tree on the same or higher layer. Despawned trunk blocks will rarely produce wood.