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Space is a location that is about 300 blocks above the surface of the world of The Blockheads.


Space is the layers of defined block volumes above where air exists. There is no barrier to reaching it other than the necessity of building a way to get there. Space is also extremely cold.


Once a player has a Blockhead reach space for the first time they will be greeted by the achievement announcement for "Space Climber."

Any time a Blockhead's head is in space, its air bar will appear and begin decreasing. There is also an ongoing chance of the Blockhead taking damage much as it would in cold weather. Wearing a fur coat will reduce the chance of the latter.


What most people call "space" is the rarefied layers or vacuum above the Earth's breathable atmosphere. While it can't be breathed, it isn't actually cold because vacuum doesn't conduct heat. The lack of air pressure can cause liquids to boil at lower temperatures, which may draw heat from objects they're touching. Yet objects in space can overheat more easily than they can freeze.