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Steel Ingot
Category Ingot
Use Crafting
Location/Made On Furnace
Needs 1 or 2 Coal, 1 Iron Ingot
Stackable Yes (99)
"For a better pickaxe."

Steel Ingots are used in crafting.


A steel ingot is colored gray to white in a way that appears metallic. Its rounded, rectangular shape is thicker than other ingots, making it distinctive.

Where Found[править]

Making a steel ingot requires the use of a furnace or electric furnace. Both uses coal and an iron ingot, but while the regular furnace consumes two coal, the electric uses only one.

They can also be found in golden chests or received as bonuses.


Steel ingots are used in making some of the most powerful items in the game. This includes:


Prior to version 1.4 and the introduction of the electric furnace, making a steel ingot consumed five (5) coal.