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Woodwork Bench
Category Crafting Surface
Use Crafting
Location/Made On Workbench
Needs Wood
Stackable Yes (99)
"Craft with wood."

The Woodwork Bench is a crafting surface that is used to craft wood-related items.

Where Found[править]

A woodwork bench is created at a workbench (of any level) for one wood. It has no upgrades.


Icon Name Slogan Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4
25px Wooden Bed Get some rest. 1 x 25px
25px Chest Store things. 1 x 25px
25px 10 Ladders Climb faster. 1 x 25px
25px Wooden Door Keep the animals out. 3 x 25px
25px Sign Home sweet home. 1 x 25px
25px Trapdoor A door for the floor. 1 x 25px 1 x 25px
25px 5 Reinforced Platforms Build floating platforms. 1 x 25px 1 x 25px
25px Shelf Display things. 1 x 25px

Removed items[править]

Versions Icon Name Slogan
1.0 - 1.0.1 25px Wooden Platform ?
1.3 - 1.3.2 25px Shop Sell items in multiplayer.