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Category Food
Use Food, Farming
Location/Made On Limestone, Lime Tree
Needs None
Stackable Yes (99)
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A lime is a new food source implemented in the 1.3 update (June 25, 2013).


A lime is round and green with slight protrusions on opposite ends.

Where Found[править]

Limes will only first appear in a world by mining raw limestone with any pickaxe.

It is a rare bonus, produced in addition to the block of limestone. (One set of tests produced no limes using a flint pickaxe (512 strokes) and two with a stone pickaxe (1024 strokes).)

Once the lime is obtained, it grants the player the Life From Stone achievement.

Once farmed, limes can also be picked from a lime tree.


Limes are edible, restoring health as normal.

Placing a lime in dirt or compost will spawn a lime tree.